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After investigations into alleged nepotism, misuse of federally funded equipment, and improper handling of payroll in the State Guard, National Guard Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, Brigadier General José J. Reyes said yesterday that he will take corrective measures and review the applicable regulations.

"We are reviewing all the State Guard regulations," Reyes said.

He added that they are reorganizing the structure of the State Guard - the Army Volunteer Corps part of the National Guard - so that it operates similarly to current Air Force and Army models.

After taking office in February, Reyes confirmed that members of the State Guard are under investigation. Among them,  former San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini for allegedly having a salary from the corps while he was an adviser in the Senate.

The Office of Government Ethics and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are conducting the investigation.

The incidents under investigation include the sale of a National Guard refrigerator to a bakery and the misappropriation of zinc plates.  In addition, investigators are also evaluating the use of an officer's personal credit card by a colleague, a complaint that was referred to the Police.

Reyes added that they will conduct an audit on the investigations into the May 2018 plane crash in Georgia, when nine Puerto Rican soldiers were killed. That analysis will involve changes in the leadership of the Guard, he said.

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