Humanitarian aid is crucial in times of emergency

Legions of volunteers from non-profit organizations provide critical humanitarian aid in Puerto Rico, and the rest of the world, in the face of the obstacles that government bureaucracy poses to quickly bring assistance to the most vulnerable sectors amid the COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies.

Every precaution against the virus saves lives

New restrictions on socioeconomic activities today Sunday emerge as an important test in the effort to contain the surge of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in Puerto Rico due to COVID-19 while avoiding deepening the economic and psychological effects of a major economic downturn.

A coordinated strategy against drug trafficking

The importance of strengthening efforts in the fight against drug trafficking throughout the Caribbean, as United States government recognized in a report recently released, highlights the strategic need for collaboration from Puerto Rico to fight this criminal activity that affects public safety

Returning the solidarity of arts and culture

In this uncertain scenario in which the risk of spread of the new strain of coronavirus still prevails, reopening entertainment and cultural spaces, particularly in closed places, demands maximum compliance with health measures such as the use of masks, frequent hand washing and social distancing.

Safe airports and ports

Airports and seaports are essential infrastructures for the normalization of Puerto Rico´s socio-economic activities, and they are affected by external factors.

Polluting bodies of water deserves punishment

The negative impact of global warming, coupled with the damage that human behavior causes to water sources in Puerto Rico, marks the urgency to better protecting a vital resource with an accelerated decreasing availability throughout the planet

A step on the road to energetic transformation

The renegotiation of renewable energy contracts announced by the government of Puerto Rico is emerging as a key step in the agenda to modernize the power grid, which includes the transition to a cleaner fuel.


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