Walt Disney Resort´s face for the Hispanic market, Sarah Domenech. (semisquare-x3)
Walt Disney Resort´s face for the Hispanic market, Sarah Domenech. (Carla D. Martínez / Especial para El Nuevo Día)

Orlando, Florida - Walt Disney Resort´s face for the Hispanic market has a broad smile, and her eyes  squeeze shut when she laughs at the comments of those who discover that she is Puerto Rican.

"When they read my name and see 'San Juan, Puerto Rico' in the name tag, they sometimes tell me: 'Wepa boricua!'", says Sarah Domenech, with that particular Puerto Rican accent. She appears in the press, television, radio and social networks when Hispanic media visit the entertainment capital, in the Heart of Central Florida, on some special coverage.

In Puerto Rico, Domenech was a journalist specialized in entertainment at the no longer published Vea magazine and then at GFR Media, where she collaborated for a while. Thanks to her work as a journalist in Orlando, she became known among the public relations division at Walt Disney Resort. When the opportunity for the job arose, she did not miss it, and that led her to occupy that company´s public relations manager position for the Hispanic market.

But she has kept a long-term interest in this company. Her father, who was always a Disney fan, transmitted her everything  related to the famous mouse company. "However, although I was a Disney fan and even my room was decorated with Snow White things, I was a late bloomer because my first visit to the parks was when I was 19," said Domenech, who is a graduate of the School of Communication at the University of Puerto Rico.

"I was already a university student, but the first time I stepped into the park and saw the castle, I cried with emotion. I still cry when I see Mickey Mouse," said Domenech, when telling that working for this company is a dream come true.

But make no mistake: working in "the happiest place on earth", requires a lot of discipline and effort, she said. "I feel very proud of being Puerto Rican and work here. But I'm not here by luck. It required a lot of work and effort. I had two dreams, writing about artists and working at Disney. When I came to Orlando in 2003, I arrived alone, leaving my family on the island and it was to achieve this dream," she said.

Once in the company, she had to work hard to polish her English. "I know that I have an accent and sometimes I make mistakes with verbs and I screw up even though I've been here for 15 years", she tells as if she were telling a joke.

Accents are beautiful, don´t you think?, El Nuevo Día asked her. "Yes, they are beautiful! They are great and in this company people appreciate them, because Disney is a company that values diversity. In our team, there are people from Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil. Also, among those who speak English, there are also many accents," she replied.

While talking, Domenech walks through the perfectly maintained gardens of the Magic Kingdom, the flagship Disneyland resort in Central Florida. She walks as if she were in her backyard, with full control of the land where she was moving around.

She says that one of her biggest challenges occurs during special events, such as when they open attractions, since this requires her to work with Hispanic journalists from different places. Some require more formality, others are more flexible. In some cases, you should be careful with the words you use since the richness of the Spanish language is such that a phrase that sounds like a poem in one country could be an insult in another.

But Domenech moves like a fish in the water and, facing the future, she does not picture herself anywhere other than here, building part of that magic that we all need to sweeten our days.

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