Oversight Board. (GFR Media)

Washington - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has not finished reviewing the personal records of the seven members of the Oversight Board, thus preventing President Donald Trump from sending their appointments to the U.S. Senate.

The background check process “is not complete”, warned yesterday Christian Sobrino, Ricardo Rosselló Nevares' representative before the Board and who does not have full rights in the entity.  

Sources close to the Trump's administration and the Board confirmed late last week that the appointments evaluation is still in the White House, over a month after Trump announced he would send the nominations to the U.S. Senate.

As part of the federal appointments process, the FBI examines the background of the person to be appointed. In the case of officials such as the Board members, a potential conflict of interest is part of the evaluation process, which was approved by Board members three years ago.

The seven members of the Board went through a background check process before President Barack Obama appointed them on August 31, 2016. Six of them were recommended by bipartisan congressional leaders.

Now, that the White House and also U.S. senators should approve that process. The Senate has until July 15 to confirm the current members or reconstitute the Board overseeing the financial decisions of the government of Puerto Rico.

On February 15, the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Board members appointments were unconstitutional because they were appointed by former President Barack Obama without consent of the Senate.  The appellate court granted then 90 days for the Board to continue operating before current or new members were appointed by Trump and confirmed by the federal Senate.

On April 29, Trump announced he would send the appointments of the current seven members - Jose Carrión III, Carlos García, Andrew Biggs, and David Skeel, Ana Matosantos, Jose Ramón González and Arthur González - so that they can complete their three-year term, which ends on August 31.

A week later, the First Circuit granted an extension for the Board to operate until July 15. However, Trump has not referred the appointments to the Senate, which has only about five weeks left to confirm them.

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