Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced and Resident Commissioner Wanda Vázquez. (GFR Media)

Resident Commissioner in Washington Jenniffer González has ruled out, at least for the time being, becoming Puerto Rico´s governor given Wanda Vázquez Garced´s intention to remain in office for the rest of the term in the position she inherited, as she was next in the line of succession.

Resident Commissioner González said that during a meeting with Vázquez Garced held yesterday in La Fortaleza, she set the strategy to regain credibility in Washington regarding the use of federal funds.

“There is currently no vacancy for the governor’s office...  The people of Puerto Rico want to get out of the uncertainty; the people of Puerto Rico want to get out of the crisis, and what needs to be done is help work on that,” González said.

She recalled that last week, the governor said she didn’t want to take office, and, in that sense, the party asked González if she was available. “Availability is one thing and taking office is another. There is already a governor and she is in office and said she is not going away, thus eliminating any vestige of constitutional crisis, so let’s go to work,” said González Colón at a press conference at the Palacio de Santa Catalina.

González Colón affirmed that as part of the federal agenda, she will be working with the governor in issues associated with federal reconstruction funds for Puerto Rico and on efforts to obtain more resources for the Government’s Health Plan through the federal Medicaid program and the possibility of requesting a meeting with the White House in September, so that the Donald Trump administration can see who is in charge of the Puerto Rican government.

“I want to invite the governor to go to the White House to show teamwork and that Puerto Rico is back to normal,” said Resident Commissioner González.

Likewise, González added that she spoke with Vázquez Garced about a new initiative for the annexation of Puerto Rico as a state which she did not detail but said she is working on it along with Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, both Florida Republicans.

Vázquez Garced was sworn in Wednesday, just as Pedro Pierluisi was leaving La Fortaleza after the Puerto Rico Supreme Court unanimously ruled the part the part of the Law that took him there was unconstitutional.

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