Ángel Luis Torres, mayor of Yauco. (GFR Media)

Yauco – Amid the emergency in his municipality, Mayor Ángel Luis Torres´s main concerns are the people living in shelters in several communities and the inspection of the 3,269 homes that were damaged by the earthquakes.

"We want to inspect all the houses so that we can tell people that they can return to their homes or help them find a place to live," said the mayor, who was accompanied by the Oversight Board´s Executive Director Natalie Jaresko.

The Board´s Executive Director Natalie Jaresko visited yesterday the collection center of the Municipality of Yauco to learn about the needs there and to visit the state shelter, that houses 1,185 people.

The official shelter, set up by the National Guard in the Mario "Ñato" Ramírez Stadium in Yauco, has space for 750 people, however, it has been reported that it could house up to 1,500 people.

The Board authorized the use of $260 million from the Emergency Fund Reserve to address the needs caused by the 6.4 earthquake on January 7. Meanwhile, the government granted $2 million to each of the six municipalities affected by the earthquakes.

Regarding the local government grant, Torres said he will use those funds to buy heavy equipment to work on debris removal works. He also wants to use part of that money f to give "vouchers" to the 62 families whose homes collapsed during the earthquakes.

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