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Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. (EFE)
Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. (EFE)

Washington – Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (New York) yesterday introduced a bill that seeks to invest almost $ 180 billion over the next decade in renewable energy projects and social and infrastructure improvements for public housing buildings.

Federal Democratic lawmakers have called their bill "The Green New Deal for Public Housing" and they said it seeks to repair and make the necessary changes that will improve residents safety, health and wellbeing .

It is the first concrete bill related to the "Green New Deal" proposal led by Ocasio Cortez.

A key part of the bill promotes subsidies, through partnerships between federal and state governments, to start a transition away from fossil fuels in public housing structures – where about two million people live – and reduce carbon emissions.

On one hand, the bill seeks to inject funds for renewable energy projects. On the other, it will promote job training and that residents in public housing programs can do the necessary repair and modernization work.

“The planet Earth is in severe danger and we are facing a global crisis,” Sanders said. “We must listen in this country and around the world to the scientists, and the Green New Deal that the congresswoman and I are fighting for is the only program out there that does that.”

Ocasio Cortez, a Puerto Rican representing Queens and Bronx, said climate change "represents both a grave threat and a tremendous opportunity," and added that it is urgent  to improve the quality of life of the millions of people who live in public housing.