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prima:“We are very afraid”: family of Ivonne Negrón, murdered in 2013, opposes release of femicide offender

Uncertainty over the possible release of Juan Ramos Álamo, sentenced to 84 years, now extends because the Parole Board hearing was postponed indefinitely

June 10, 2024 - 4:16 PM

Ivonne Negrón Cintrón, killed in November 2013 by her neighbor. (Suministrada)

In mid-May, in the midst of a wave of revelations about the failures of the correctional system, Leila Negrón Cintrón was calculating with her mother, on the balcony of her terrace, how much time would be left before the confessed murderer of her sister Ivonne Negrón Cintrón would have the possibility of getting out of prison with the bonuses that inmates receive.

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