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The Best Buy store at Las Catalinas Mall in Caguas is the only establishment of the electronics retail chain that, according to official reports, is closing its doors in Puerto Rico, as part of the cost reduction strategy implemented by the corporation.

Nevertheless, sources of USA Today Puerto Rico Edition indicated that Best Buy could eventually announce the shutdown of its stores at Plaza Río Hondo in Bayamón and at Plaza Carolina Mall.

“From the beginning, the plans were to keep the store in Hato Rey only, because it’s the most profitable one,” the source said

An official press release sent by the American electronics chain includes a list of 48 big box stores that would shut down operations in upcoming months, and from that list the Caguas store is the only local one.

“We hope that most of the stores shut down permanently starting May 12. There are another three local stores that are expected to shut down over the summer,” the press release reads. Two other stores -- in Kansas and Arizona -- that have already shut down operations, complete the list of 50 stores.

Regarding the store in Caguas, it will shut down permanently on May 12.

“It wasn’t easy to make that decision. We carefully chose this store and we’re currently working on ensuring that the impact it would have on our employees is the least possible, as we continue to serve in a convenient and satisfactory manner to all our customers,” a spokesperson stated. The purpose of the shutdown is saving $800 million in operational costs, the corporation indicated in a financial statement released at the end of March. Moreover, Best Buy announced it would open small stores specialized in wireless products, such as cell phones and tablets.

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