Joe Biden opens a new page in America

A President for all American citizens. This commitment by Joe Biden embodies the momentous transformation task he faces to build a presidency committed to achieving a society of equality and respect for life. His presidential term must assume with dignity and as a source of pride all the people of the United States, his leadership in the domestic, regional and global projects leading to peace and a strengthened economy, and to fair trade partnerships that protect natural resources.

Days after Tuesday’s elections in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and a vote-by-vote count in key states, Biden won the election yesterday thanks to voters in Pennsylvania, a state with a large Puerto Rican population.

Biden’s victory is of major importance to Puerto Rico which, after four years of being insulted by President Donald Trump, is very optimistic about change in the White House. Biden’s Plan for Puerto Rico, endorsed by El Nuevo Día, supports seeks to rebuild both the island´s infrastructure and economy. Biden has made a major commitment to Puerto Ricans and to renowned figures who supported him during the campaign. We are confident that releasing funds for the reconstruction, health, and social security, as well as for economic development initiatives through manufacturing will be a priority for the President-elect.

The tight race to the White House and Congress shows the deep social, racial, and economic divisions in American society. The fact that Donald Trump was almost re-elected proves that the values represented by Trumpism are consolidated in the United States.

The Republican Party will have to make a thorough review of its philosophy and ensure that its institutional framework does not give space to radical sectors that threaten the public well-being or minorities. The Republican community must move towards the center, reflecting its historical conservative values, but getting rid of the ideologies and bias that Trump has virtually made official from the White House.

Meanwhile, it is up to the Democratic Party to reconcile with its more progressive wing and listen to the new generation that is demanding the transformation of social structures. The 1960s allowed Democrats to renew themselves by embracing the cause of civil rights. The importance of that fight remains, and involves doing justice to minorities, including residents of Puerto Rico. Besides, the door must remain open for the new President to offer a genuine and conciliatory gesture that will also work for those who voted against him.

The United States needs Trump to admit defeat, refraining from meritless lawsuits that would cause greater instability that institutions, the American people, and the international community do not need. The path to the new presidency must be cleared of selfishness so that the newly elected President can begin to implement his extraordinary agenda. This historic moment puts an end to a presidency that has torn apart the nation’s social fabric; the new White House and Congress must work to build consensus for the benefit of the nation, above partisanship.

Biden will assume the presidency of a country attacked by COVID-19, a problem neglected by the outgoing leadership. The social and economic consequences of the virus have severely affected the finances of several states and millions of unemployed Americans. The nation’s reserves, intended to face wars, catastrophes, or devastating phenomena like COVID-19, must now be distributed to support those states and the system, which is the backbone of their survival. This is an unprecedented crossroads for any new government.

At the international level, one of the major issues affecting the planet, and one that prompted fears of a second Trump term, is his irresponsibility in the face of climate change. Ignoring the calls by many countries and their citizens, Trump disregarded the consequences of global warming, deforestation, and overexploitation of natural resources. His conflicts with China and European countries, and his neglect of the Caribbean and Central America areas, have hindered reasonable approaches and common projects to mitigate the harsh effects of the disasters. We trust that the President-elect will rectify this attitude and seek support from Congress, for conciliatory international policies on migration, for example.

Biden’s achievement is great, but so is that of the people of the United States who have demonstrated maturity and confidence in their institutions which set an example and bring hope to the world.

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