Carmen Yulín Cruz. (GFR Media)

Although no coronavirus (Covid-19) cases have been confirmed in the island, the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, signed on Tuesday an Executive Order of Urgency for the capital city, regarding the disease that has the whole world on alert.

The Mayor signed the Executive Order that authorizes the use of $150,000 to count with the “necessary resources” to respond to the virus.

Cruz told this news media on Wednesday that the Order she signed does not constitute an “emergency declaration”, as El Nuevo Día originally published.

The order establishes that services and equipments may be acquired without public bidding, with the aim of “protecting the health, safety and lives of the people of the San Juan municipality”.

“The Executive Order will allow us to increase the inventory of protective materials such as face masks, medicines and cleaning products to confront this public health situation”, said the Mayor in a press release.

The document also states that all the resources of the Mayor´s Office will be directed to guarantee essential services, especially at the Municipal Hospital of San Juan and all the Diagnostic and Treatment Centers (CDT’s, for its Spanish acronym) of the municipality.

Cruz also added in her Twitter account that the cleaning plan in Old San Juan, “one of the most visited tourist areas in Puerto Rico”, has been expanded.

“Since Monday, we have expanded our cleaning plan in Old San Juan. We will conduct a daily deep cleansing, since we know Old San Juan is probably the most visited area in San Juan. Disinfectant products will continue to be used”, wrote Cruz in the social network.

There are five suspected cases of coronavirus in Puerto Rico so far, and all of them have been committed to several hospitals in the island.

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