The "Hamilton" run  marked a before and after in the Puerto Rican theater scene, reaching an unprecedented level of organization and enthusiasm. They have projected Puerto Rico as a place that knows how to hold great Broadway shows, no matter how challenging and complex they may be.

"Hamilton" was such a challenge in terms of staging, that had to overcome, among other things, a last minute venue change. However, the production team managed to keep going preserving the quality of the show. The professionalism of the actors and technicians also stands out, they devoted themselves to making each performance a unique event. 

Those who have already seen “Hamilton” in Broadway or in cities like Pittsburg, Chicago, Orlando and London, among others, agreed that the magic of the performances in Puerto Rico has far exceeded what they had seen before.

The fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the musical, reprised the lead role of Alexander Hamilton was an irresistible charm for the local audience. It was a strong reason for many tourists to travel to Puerto Rico, since this marked the first time in two years that Miranda has played the role of Hamilton onstage.

Alexander Hamilton was so masterfully played by Miranda that he exceeded the expectations of the audience. Challenging long days, sometimes with two daily performances, did not affect his talent neither that of the rest of the actors who played Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington or the Schuyler sisters.

Beyond its musical value, and the appeal of an original choreography, the narrative of "Hamilton" is perfect, and achieves what major artworks do: it projects past ideas, feelings and values to the present, integrating current society concerns –an aspirations- in a natural way.

"Hamilton" is full of political insinuations and strokes of humor, wisdom, frustration, elements that show its universal character. It captivates the audience, particularly when Lin-Manuel Miranda waved the Puerto Rican flag during the performances on the island. 

Today many of us have the feeling of having lived a historic cultural event which, for a few days, managed to balance the piles of negative headlines, especially in the United States, where the image of the island seems tarnished. “Hamilton” has represented an opportunity to place Puerto Rico as a place full of attractions for visitors.

At local level, the positive effect of "Hamilton" will be extended through the Flamboyán Arts Fund, an entity created by the Miranda family. It is an initiative dedicated to preserving, amplifying, and sustaining the arts in Puerto Rico by supporting all facets of the art community including music, theater, visual arts, dance, literature and youth arts education. We hope that this platform, created against all odds, will continue to contribute at a time when all non-governmental efforts, coming from organizations such as the Flamboyán Arts Fund, are really urgent.

We express our satisfaction for the way the island welcomed "Hamilton" and for the grateful embrace that Lin-Manuel Miranda and his father Luis Miranda, who worked so hard to bring the musical to Puerto Rico, have received. Both those who have seen the performances and those who couldn´t make it are convinced that it was an overall success. And a Puerto Rican success as well. 

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