Ricardo Rosselló and Donald Trump. (GFR Media)

Orlando, Florida – A week before the voter registration process ends, Puerto Rican organizations have intensified their awareness campaigns, increased recruiting efforts and implemented many strategies to register as many Puerto Rican voters as possible.

 “We Puerto Ricans have the power to influence this elections with our vote, and it is our duty to go out and exercise our vote so that our voice is heard, and to vote for those that can do something for Puerto Rico”, said Betsy Franceschini, director of Hispanic Federation in Florida.

October 9. In the US, voting occurs twice every four years. Florida's deadline to register to vote in midterm elections is October 9. The U.S. holds national elections every 2 years, except presidential elections which are held every 4 years. 

During midterm elections –on November 6- people vote for governors, mayors, Congress members, state lawmakers, judges, sheriffs and members of school boards among other positions that have a direct impact on their daily lives. Then, there are presidential elections, when members of the House of Representatives are also elected since they serve two-year terms. 

This campaign was boosted by the historical voter turnout in primary elections, on August 28.  There was a 148 percent increase in the electoral participation in counties with a significant number of Puerto Rican citizens and where community organizations did fieldwork.

“While Puerto Ricans on the island cannot vote for those politicians that make decisions about Puerto Rico, we who are in the US can,” said Franceschini.

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