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Beatriz and Ricardo Rosselló. (Archivo / GFR Media)

Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares and his wife, Beatriz, have filed their income tax returns electronically for tax year 2016, in which the resulting liability due is $1,818. 

During tax year 2016, the couple's income was $48,659 including wages and other revenue. 

According to the breakdown in the tax statement form, Rosselló Nevares earned $48,046 in wages. 

Given the fact that the withholdings form was not attached to the tax return, Fortaleza press secretary, Yennifer Álvarez Jaimes, explained later that Rosselló Nevares' employer in 2016 was Ana G. Méndez University System.

Other revenue

Moreover, the couple reported $242 in income as a product of earnings from the sale of capital assets, and another $371 in dividends. 

The $242 correspond to a sale in October of 2016, pertaining to UBS assets acquired back in September 2012. Also, back in September of last year, the couple conducted another sale of assets in the amount of $6,155, which did not render either loss or gain.  

In addition, they reported another $5,093 in revenues from exempt interests and dividends. 

Excess payments. The couple claimed an excess contribution paid in the amount of $11,682, an amount that they requested to be credited to their estimated contribution for the following year. 

This amount corresponds to $8,478 which were withheld from their wages in 2016, another $22 for withholdings from dividends and $5,000 which were accumulated in the Treasury for excess contributions paid during the previous years.  

The Governor and the First Lady reported their daughter Claudia as their only dependent person. 

Certified Public Accountant, Virgilio Vega, signed as the specialist who examined the tax form, and also worked on the couple's income tax statements for tax years 2014, 2013 and 2012, the most recent ones analyzed by this journal. 

El Nuevo Día studied Rosselló Nevares' tax returns from tax years 2012, 2013 and 2014, which were filed before the State Elections Commission. That same assessment was made for all the candidates to the governor's office for last November's general elections. The tax forms were not available at the time. 

Prior forms

As published by this journal in October 2016, the candidate for the New Progressive Party in 2012 reported earnings generated in North Carolina for $20,749, $29,240 from the Medical Sciences Bureau (RCM, by its Spanish acronym), and $25,000 from Veritas Consulting, LLC, a corporation owned by former campaign director, Elías Sánchez Sifonte, who is now his representative before the Oversight Board. The couple's tax liability this year was $10,188. 

In 2013, Rosselló was employed by RCM and earned $72,987, and his income tax contribution was $6,575. 

That year, he reported a short-term capital loss in the amount of $7,763. He had invested $17,123 in 2013, but that same year he only received $9,360.

He also had a long term capital loss of $345,911. He had invested $619,468 back in 2011 and in 2013 he received $273,557.

As a professor of Ana G. Méndez University System in 2014, Rosselló's wages were $80,528 and his income tax liabilities that year were $11,517.

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