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A helicopter of Whitefish Energy Holdings flies to a place where repairs will be made on power lines after Maria. (AP)
A helicopter of Whitefish Energy Holdings flies to a place where repairs will be made on power lines after Maria. (AP)

Washington - Head of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) has until today to send all the documents regarding the controversial contract with Whitefish 

to the House Committee on Natural Resources, but from other committees are also calling them. 

After chairman of the subcommittee on Energy of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Fred Upton (Michigan), indicated that they tried to summon a representative PREPA to the hearing yesterday, Democratic spokesman, Bobby Rush (Illinois), requested them to be called under contempt.

For congressman Rush, the "sweet" $ 300 million contract granted to a small and inexperienced company like Whitefish, "smells like rat."

The Democratic congressman indicated that the more he knows about the $ 300 million contract with Whitefish, which the government of Puerto Rico ordered to cancel in the coming days, the more concerned he is.

Unlike PREPA, the government of the Virgin Islands sent a representative of its public energy company to the session.

Subcommittee chairman, Pete Olson (Texas), said he will take Congressman Rush's request to the committee's chair, presided by Greg Walden.

The head of the Energy and Commerce Committee also intends to call the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA).

On Wednesday, Committee leaders, Republicans and Democratics, sent a letter to FEMA administrator Brock Long to specify what recommendations or information they have provided to the island government and PREPA, regarding the coordination needed to rebuild the power grid.

"Due to the efforts being made to cancel the contract with Whitefish, what additional guidance or information will FEMA provide?" asked Committee Chairman, Republican Walden, Democratic spokesman Frank Pallone (New Jersey), the chairman of the subcommittee on Energy, Upto, and the Democratic spokespersons of the Energy, Rush, and Investigations subcommittees, Diane DeGette (Colorado).

Besides, in the letter, they asked the head of FEMA to give an informative session to the committee's advisors no later than November 15.

Meanwhile, yesterday from the Senate, the Democratic spokeswoman in Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Claire McCaskill (Missouri), asked Long y to specify if PREPA has proposed to use federal funds to pay Whitefish.

She has also asked to know the details of the contract with the company Cobra Energy, which amounts to another $ 200 million.

In a separate letter, Senator McCaskill asked the commander of the Corps of Engineers, Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, to indicate the information he has about Whitefish's efforts to obtain contracts related to Puerto Rico's power grid and the decision of PREPA not to opt from the beginning for mutual aid agreements with public energy companies, through the organization that gathers them, APPA.

McCaskill also wrote to the president of Whitefish, Andrew Techmanski, for him to give details about the contracting process with PREPA and the reason of the clause that sought to prevent the agreement from being audited. 

The Whitefish contract is subject of investigations by the FBI, Congress, the Office of the Comptroller General and the inspectors general of the departments of Homeland Security and Interior.

And it was also debated yesterday at hearing of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.. "I want to be sure that FEMA is not going to give any reimbursement related to Whitefish," said Democratic spokesman in that committee, Peter DeFazio.