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Cafecito Rústico: A special little coffee shop

The cozy coffee shop is located in a shipping container off Highway #3 in Luquillo

April 17, 2024 - 11:00 PM

The main calling card for this culinary space is a good cup of 100% Puerto Rican coffee served with one of their breakfast options. (XAVIER GARCIA)

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Luquillo.- Cafecito Rústico, a cozy coffee shop located in a shipping container along Highway #3 in Luquillo, aims to offer a special coffee experience in a warm and inviting setting. It has been welcoming both locals and visitors alike since 2016.

The main calling card for this culinary space is a good cup of 100% Puerto Rican coffee served with one of their breakfast options. The shop is helmed by Roberto Sierra and Glenis Otero, aged 52 and 51, respectively. “The reality is that there’s a difference between specialty coffee and commercial coffee. We focus on serving specialty beans, freshly ground and prepared in at high temperatures. So, it’s not your typical café cola’o, (coffee strained through a cloth filter)” explained Otero.

“Our coffee is 100% local Arabica coffee sourced from 13 haciendas in Puerto Rico. We have a second mill from where we bring the best beans harvested seasonally. So, our customers can order that seasonal coffee and it will be served to them,” added Sierra. Some of the most popular coffees at Cafecito Rústico are the latte, cappuccino, and plain coffee; many customers come in search of special recipes that have been exclusively crafted for them over time.

Roberto Sierra and his wife Glenis Otero, together with their work team.
Roberto Sierra and his wife Glenis Otero, together with their work team. (XAVIER GARCIA)

“Younger crowds are drawn to flavored coffees like vanilla, amaretto, and chocolate, especially the famous mocha. But we also sell a lot of caramel, vanilla, and milk macchiatos. We also offer special creations made by the original barista, who happens to be our son, Jean Roberto Sierra. He moved to Canada, but customers would come in, and he would craft unique blends for them. They still come asking for the special recipe he made for them,” commented the proud father.

A good cup of coffee is best enjoyed with a brunch because at Cafecito Rústico, there is no wrong time for indulging. For those who love brunch, the establishment has popular hotcakes in various flavors and its French toasts, both made with a special recipe. “We have a variety of breakfast options, but our main dishes are the hotcakes and French toasts. El Rústiko is our signature French toast dish with a house recipe; it’s not your typical French toast and comes with scrambled eggs and a protein,” specified Otero. The hotcakes are also extremely popular among diners because, in addition to their special recipe, they come in a variety of flavors. This dish is named El Flamboyán, in honor of the tree that shades them; it includes hotcakes, scrambled eggs, and fruits.

A bowl of oatmeal
A bowl of oatmeal (XAVIER GARCIA)

“We try to introduce a different flavor for each season. We currently have carrot hotcakes, but we also have regular hotcakes, banana hotcakes, which people love, and almond hotcakes. We extend the almond hotcakes season because they are very popular,” stated Sierra. Another hallmark of Cafecito Rústico is its sandwiches, which come in three varieties of artisanal bread that give the dining experience a twist. A crowd favorite is El Caracolillo, which is made on artisanal bread and includes ham, cheddar cheese, fried eggs, and salad.

“We have sweet bread, which is the mallorca (sweet bread rolls) bread, but for sandwiches, we also have a multigrain whole wheat bread and a completely different bread that is seasonal, which is semi-sweet with anise seeds. Customers really enjoy it,” highlighted the owner. We also prepare wraps using spinach with regular or whole wheat tortillas, either as breakfast wraps with scrambled eggs or with a medley of meats, cheese, and vegetables.”

“One thing that sets our sandwiches and wraps apart is that we always include cranberries, almonds, and a touch of pesto sauce, creating a delicious fusion of flavors,” stated the proprietor. However, according to the owners, the perfect complement to coffee and brunch is the rustic and welcoming environment offered in this coffee shop, which, despite being housed in a shipping container, offers various spaces to enhance the overall experience.

“At our café, guests can choose their preferred spot. They can enjoy their coffee and meal under the umbrellas, on the balcony, or in the air-conditioned lounge. Wherever they decide to settle, they will truly receive excellent service and a unique culinary experience,” concluded the owner of the establishment, known on social media as Cafecito Rústico. The café is open Thursday to Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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