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prima:“Our lives are at stake in this election”: LGBTQ+ community urged to organize against the advance of conservative forces

In a forum on the occasion of the Orgullo Boquerón Festival, which gathers close to 40,000 people in Cabo Rojo, they invited the community to organize and study the background of the candidates aspiring to political posts in the November elections

June 10, 2024 - 11:14 AM

For activist Pedro Julio Serrano, the nearly 40,000 people who came to the Boquerón Pride Festival over the weekend can, through their vote, “get someone out of Fortaleza”. (Jorge A Ramirez Portela)

Cabo Rojo - The LGBTQ+ community fears an advance by conservative forces that want to take away rights acquired in the November elections in both Puerto Rico and the United States and is preparing to fight it, community spokespersons said during a forum held this weekend in the tourist town of Boquerón, in this municipality.

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