The boxer Félix Verdejo at the time he surrendered in federal court, in Hato Rey. (Captura)

Puerto Rican Boxer Félix Verdejo surrendered to federal authorities tonight for the death of Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz after an arrest warrant was issued against him.

A source told El Nuevo Día that he arrived at the federal court in Hato Rey with his lawyer.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) filed a criminal complaint in the federal court indicating that a witness is cooperating with them. This person has “first-hand” knowledge of the events surrounding the victim’s death and provided verified information related to the victim’s disappearance.

According to the complaint, the FBI charges Verdejo with carjacking resulting in the death of a person and kidnapping resulting in the death of a person. Both crimes are eligible for capital punishment in federal jurisdiction. The FBI also included a complaint for intentionally killing an unborn child.

On April 27, Verdejo “contacted the witness and asked for help to terminate the victim´s pregnancy. (Rodríguez Ortiz) She told Verdejo that she was pregnant with his child based on the test result,” according to the witness cooperating with the FBI.

Then, on April 29, Verdejo contacted the victim and “arranged to meet her near her house. Verdejo and the witness drove to the meeting in the black Dodge Durango SUV,” the federal complaint adds. The victim arrived at the meeting in her car, a gray Kia Forte, and got into Verdejo’s vehicle.

“After a conversation between Verdejo and the victim in Verdejo’s car, he punched the victim in the face and injected her with a syringe filled with substances purchased at a drug point (in the Luis Llorens Torres public housing complex),” the complaint states.

It also indicates that Verdejo and the witness drove the two cars to the Teodoro Moscoso bridge, in San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico.

There, according to the complaint, “the victim was removed from the vehicle and tossed off the side of the bridge and into the water. Verdejo shot the victim as he stood on the bridge”.

The complaint mentioned other evidence analyzed that corroborates the witness’ version.

It indicates that on April 30, officers found Rodríguez Ortiz’s car in Canóvanas. Meanwhile, police investigators interviewed the victim’s family, who provided information about her phone, which the FBI used to obtain records of the victim’s location.

The FBI also obtained detailed information from Verdejo’s phone.

This information shows that on the morning of April 29, the phones associated with both the victim’s and Verdejo’s numbers were connected to several cell phone towers located in San Juan and Carolina, including the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. They also communicated that same day. That information indicates that at least one call was made and several text messages were sent between them on April 29.

The body of the 27-year-old was found in the San José Lagoon a couple of days after she was reported missing.

The FBI reviewed the footage from the security cameras at the Teodoro Moscoso, according to the criminal complaint. The videos show that at about 8:29 a.m. that day, a car “consistent with the appearance of Verdejo’s vehicle parked on the bridge walkway. There is visible movement of at least one individual on the side of the vehicle. The video then shows the car leaving the area and returning to a nearby point on the bridge on at least two occasions. The car leaves at approximately 9:31 a.m.,” the document details.

It also adds that police found at least one shell casing near the location seen in the video. “Police interviews revealed that the victim had recently informed her family that she was pregnant,” the complaint also stated.

Rodríguez Ortiz was reported missing last Thursday and her body was found in the San José lagoon Saturday. The Forensic Science Institute identified the victim this morning.

The family of the 27-year-old woman linked Verdejo to a relationship with Rodríguez Ortiz from the beginning and indicated that she was one month pregnant.

The boxer was interviewed by the San Juan Criminal Investigations Corps (CIC), but he did not answer questions.

His wife, Eliz Santiago Sierra, was also interviewed and confirmed to authorities that she was aware that Verdejo and Rodríguez Ortiz knew each other and had a relationship.

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