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prima:Something is changing in Washington D.C.: more and more Puerto Ricans are becoming part of influential spheres in the federal capital

Just 30 years ago, according to diaspora leaders, it was difficult to find Puerto Ricans in that area, and there was not enough information about the Puerto Rican reality, but that situation is changing

December 3, 2023 - 11:24 PM

The chairman of the Board of Veterans' Appeals, Jaime Areizaga Soto, is an example of the profile of many of the Puerto Ricans who have settled in and around Washington D.C. (LENIN NOLLY)

Washington D. C. - Jaime Areizaga Soto´s profile includes important aspects of Puerto Rican migration to the U.S. capital area: he arrived in Washington D.C. as a college student, is a military man, and is a public servant in the federal government.

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