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Somos Puerto Rico: Five Places to Take a Selfie in Peñuelas

This southern town features many attractions in its streets and mountains

April 19, 2024 - 11:00 PM

A “Yo soy Peñuelas” sign in the Public Plaza in front of the San José Church in Peñuelas. (Isabel Ferré Sadurní Photography)

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Peñuelas.- This is a charming town, from its public square to its mountains. Discover below several places where, aside from learning about this municipality’s history, you can capture moments of your visit with selfies.

Valley of the Flamboyanes, Public Plaza.
Valley of the Flamboyanes, Public Plaza. (XAVIER GARCIA)

If your visit begins in the town’s public square, there you will find the acoustic shell, adorned with a mural by peñolano artist Moisés Castillo Cruz.

Flamboyan mosaic in the center of the Public Square.
Flamboyan mosaic in the center of the Public Square. (Isabel Ferré Sadurní Photography)

The public square is adorned with a beautiful mosaic inspired by the flamboyant flower.

Guayanés Statues, Penuelas Square.
Guayanés Statues, Penuelas Square. (XAVIER GARCIA)

Merging history and legend, this is one of the statues that tells the story behind the name of the Guayanés river.

La Soplaera, in Peñuelas.
La Soplaera, in Peñuelas. (Xavier García)

And after getting to know and exploring the charms of Peñuelas, nothing better than a dip and a selfie in the natural pool and waterfall known as La Soplaera.

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