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Exactly 2,312 people attended the Sangría Fest and made possible the new Guinness World Record -- the largest sangría event ever to be held worldwide. The third edition of the Sangría Fest, Vinos y Tapas was an absolute success in terms of attendance, as event planners made history when more than 2,000 people came together at the Puerto Rico Convention Center for a sangría tasting.

“We’re proud to say that the Sangría Fest just won one of the most coveted prizes an event producer or entrepreneur can win. I’m stunned at the great support we’ve received from guests and the joy Puerto Ricans have shown. The event has been a great success,” Kimberly Patrick, who traveled from New York to monitor the great gastronomical event in representation of the Guinness World Record Office, said. Though the previous record wasn’t revealed, it’s certainly known that it took place in Spain.

“We know that Puerto Ricans love sangría, because it’s part of our culture, and so we decided to compete for the Guinness record. It was a long process, obtaining the authorization, but this is a dream come true,” said event producer Marissa Gasparoli. “One needs to set one’s goals and if one works hard enough, sooner or later one makes it where one’s wants to go. Thanks to all the people who came. This would’ve never been possible without them,” said Ángel Ortiz, who helped Gasparoli organize the event.

In addition to setting a new world record, they gave several recognitions the evening of the event. One of the most awaited ones was the People’s Choice Award -- which is granted by the audience to their favorite sangría. And the winner was Sangría Ververena. The other three awards were granted by the Puerto Rico Bartenders Association to Sangría Alemañy in the Brand Category; Saborea la Lola in the Open Category and the house sangría from Ficus Mexican Bar & Grill won in the Restaurant Category.  

This year, the gastronomical event featured exhibitors with more than 50 sangría and wine brands and more than 30 restaurants serving delicious tapas.

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