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The fourth edition of the Puerto Rico Conference set the stage for a tribute to Don Antonio Luis Ferré and his successful entrepreneurial career. During the event, which was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and UBS, Ferré -- responsible for the success of El Nuevo Día, Primera Hora and Puerto Rican Cement -- received an award that would be institutionalized and would bear the name of the experienced entrepreneurial leader.

The Antonio Luis Ferré Lifetime Achievement Award would be conferred every two years to family business entrepreneurs who have excelled for their long and successful business careers.

Ferré gave a moving speech at the event, held at the Conrad del Condado, and thanked with humbleness the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce “for an award that I don’t deserve.” Immediately after, Ferré dedicated the award to the people in his life “who are ones who really deserve it.” Among these, he mentioned his parents and grandfather, for teaching him the importance of hard work and education.

The honoree also thanked his immediate family for the love and strength they have given him in difficult times as well as his colleagues for their faithfulness and enthusiasm during the projects on which they have worked jointly.  

Ferré ended his speech thanking his aunt, Sister Isolina Ferré, “who taught me the importance of worrying about those in need.”

“And finally, I want to thank God for allowing me to grow spiritually serving others and living according to the values of the Christian faith,” he said.

“And to each and every one of you, I want to reiterate my gratefulness and my commitment to continue living according to the standards and principles that have guided my life and passing on those values to my children and grandchildren,” he concluded as the entrepreneurial community gave him a standing ovation and a round of applause.

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