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"Half-truths and fairy tales are over. There is no version of the enhanced Commonwealth or any large fries," said González. (Archive /GFR Media)

Washington - Resident Commissioner in Washington, Jenniffer González, has undertaken to voice her dissatisfaction to the Republican structures, including the White House, regarding the United States Justice Department's position on the results of the 2012 plebiscite, as it is contradictory to the 2016 Republican election plan. 

González, the Chairwoman to the United States Republican Party in Puerto Rico, acknowledged her surprise yesterday around the letter by the United States Justice Department's acting deputy Attorney General, Dana Boente, where he announced that this department believes that the omission of the current territorial status alternative of an upcoming plebiscite is in breach of the federal public policy, and disregarded the results from the 2012 consultation.  

Although she was in "complete disagreement" with the position by Federal Justice, González said that the Government of Puerto Rico is doing the right thing by not missing out on the opportunity to hold a plebiscite with the definitions approved by the United States Attorney General, as permitted by federal statute from 2014, in exchange for $2.5 million. 

According to the commissioner, the Government of Puerto Rico can now "play with the same cards as the Federal Justice." 

Commissioner González emphasized that acting deputy Attorney General Boente was appointed by President Barack Obama, but recognized that the letter represents the official position of the Department of Justice of Donald Trump's Government.  

Boente, chief of the East Virginia District Attorney's office, and a veteran of 33 years in the United States Department of Justice, was the person Trump went to after dismissing acting deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates, as she refused to abide by the controversial executive orders imposing a veto on immigrants from seven countries, mainly of Muslim origin.

The efforts continue. According to the commissioner, the White House did not examine the letter. A source near to the government of Ricardo Rosselló expected that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who was the president of the Republican Party of the United States until the end of 2016, would examine Federal Justice's reply.

But another source said the White House only pressed for the Justice Department to respond the day before yesterday, a date established in which the local law made the consultation feasible in order to start printing the ballots. 

Under the Republican election program, which is not binding to anyone, both statehood and the admission of the Island as the 51st State are supported, subject to the ratification of a vote in favor of statehood during the upcoming plebiscite. 

However, González celebrated that deputy Attorney General Boente reaffirmed the positions previously adopted by the United States Justice Department and the White House work groups on Puerto Rico in his letter, which establishes that the concept of an enhanced Commonwealth is unconstitutional.   

"Half-truths and fairy tales are over. There is no version of the enhanced Commonwealth or any large fries," said González, who stated that she has been speaking to the Governor and the Island's legislative leadership since last Thursday.  

Although Federal Justice have ignored the results from the 2012 plebiscite, which the Puerto Rican government believes to have clearly cast a rejection of territorial status and a vote in favor of statehood, González indicated she will maintain her bill intact, pursuant to the admission of Puerto Rico by 2025 and subject to the ratification of statehood in June.  

The commissioner argued that, as she indicated when she submitted her project seeking the admission of Puerto Rico as a state, cameral legislation 260 - which, among other things, calls for a transition process to statehood that would include the Federal Executive - was "the first of several status projects that we will be filing for."

Facing the possibility that PNP (by its Spanish acronym) is the only registered party present in a consultation between statehood, territory and independence, Commissioner González said that there will be a tally of "the votes of those who participate."

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