Joe Biden. (Andrew Harnik)

WASHINGTON D.C. - Joseph Biden´s campaign committee – the former Vice President will be nominated tonight as a Democratic candidate for the White House - has raised four times more funds in Puerto Rico than President Donald Trump’s campaign, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

According to donations made to their campaign committees until June 30 - not including those obtained the parties independently or by the political action committees (PACs) - residents of Puerto Rico had sent Biden's campaign $55,280.

Trump's campaign committee, after three years in the White House, had only received donations totaling $11,970.

A Washington Post poll in the summer of 2018 showed that only 15 percent of Puerto Ricans on the island supported President Trump back then.

Although Puerto Rico's Republican leadership, led by Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González, now supports the U.S. President's re-election bid, Trump was rejected by island Republicans in 2016, when he only got 13 percent of the votes in the presidential primaries.

Biden won last July's Democratic presidential primary on the island with 62.36 percent of the votes. But amid the coronavirus pandemic, the island's Democrats could only mobilize about 7,000 voters.

Between April and June, Biden's main donor on the island was Jon Borschow, president of the Foundation for Puerto Rico, who donated $5,600. And Juan Verde and Ricardo Benitez of Alamo Solutions also contributed $2,800 each.

While the highest contribution to Trump's campaign committee in Puerto Rico came from Jesus Rivero, who donated $2,000 between April and June.

Biden picked Senator Kamala Harris (California) as his running mate. Harris was also in the Democratic primary race in 2019 but stepped down in December before voting began.

As a candidate for the White House, Senator Harris raised $12,742 from residents of Puerto Rico.

Most of the donations to Harris as a presidential candidate came from Nicholas and Valantina Prouty, and Jeremy Griffiths, chief executive officer of the Valivian Advisors firm, each with $2,700.

Nicholas Prouty is president of the Putnam Bridge firm, which developed the Ciudadela project, and who, according to Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Senator Eduardo Bhatia may be the closest person to Senator Harris in Puerto Rico.

Nicholas Prouty has been an active fundraiser and donor of Democratic politicians.

Bhatia, who was defeated in the island´s primary elections Sunday, originally endorsed Harris during the Democratic presidential primary and is now Biden's delegate to this week's presidential convention.

As part of the activities of the Democratic presidential convention, which began yesterday, Biden and Harris will be nominated for the White House tonight.

Harris would accept her nomination for vice president on Wednesday.

Biden plans to accept the party´s nomination Thursday night at the end of the Democratic convention.

The Democratic convention begins

The Democratic convention began at noon yesterday with talks organized by the Democratic Party Hispanic Caucus, who highlighted the federal government's poor response to the coronavirus emergency and discussed issues related to the Hispanic community.

Puerto Rican Democratic Congressman Darren Soto (Fla.) participated in the final stage of the meeting, which was dedicated to Caribbean voters, such as Puerto Ricans.

“Florida’s Caribbean community and central Florida’s Caribbean community will play a critical role in helping turn Florida blue in electing Vice President Biden as the next president of the United States,” said Soto in referring to the color of the Democrats who believe that losing Florida would complicate Trump´s possibilities to reach the majority of the electoral college votes