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Peter Schiff draws the line with OCIF and J5 investigation

Euro Pacific Bank’s main shareholder says international investigation for tax evasion and money laundering has found nothing that indicates the local regulator responds to pressure

July 7, 2022 - 1:41 AM

Archival note
This content was published more than 2 years ago.
Peter Schiff, chief executive officer (CEO) for Euro Pacific International Bank. (Archivo)

The main shareholder of Euro Pacific Bank (EPB), Peter Schiff, assured that the decision of the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions (OCIF) that seeks to put an end to the operations of his international financial institution (IFI) seems to respond to pressure from the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the “technicality” of lack of capital and not to the fact that the institution has facilitated tax evasion and money laundering among the entity’s clients.

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