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Rainforest Inn: A romantic getaway in the heart of El Yunque

The inn is eco-friendly and blends into the landscape to allow its guests to enjoy nature

April 20, 2024 - 11:00 PM

Río Grande.- Rainforest Inn, a hotel dedicated to practicing sustainable tourism that is hidden away in the natural wonder of the El Yunque National Forest, has become a go-to destination for couples seeking a magical getaway in harmony with nature. They prioritize environmental conservation and even prepare breakfasts using ingredients from their own patio.

The place is a sanctuary for lovers of Mother Earth. Tranquility reigns there, along with the beautiful views that can be seen from every corner of the small hotel.

As soon as you arrive, you are greeted by an array of colors that paint the landscape and lush greenery that steals the show.

Bill and Renée Humphrey’s inn consists of three suites: The Paradise, The Jungle, and El Yunque, and the villa The Garden Suite Villa. Each one features comfortable beds, a kitchen, a private bathroom, and, of course, forest views.

“Those who stay here (who come from cities like New York, Chicago, and some European countries) do so to have a romantic getaway and enjoy nature. That’s the main reason they stay,” shared Bill, the manager of the adults-only hotel.

As part of their philosophy of caring for the environment, the establishment partially relies on solar energy and uses fans instead of air conditioning. Additionally, each of the rooms was built with high ceilings and several windows for increased airflow, and they have a heat exchanger next to the beds to cool them.

“Air conditioning is bad for the environment. So, what we do is use these heat exchangers and pump cold water through the mattresses. And then you get cold when you’re sleeping. You can still hear all the sounds of the jungle. You’re not harming the environment because it’s very energy-efficient,” Bill explained.

The inn’s patio is home to papayas, dragon fruits, ginger, tomatoes, bananas, plantains, mangoes, various spices, peppers, avocados, and many other foods that are cultivated and served to the guests.

“Chef’s choice. When guests say this to the cook (and owner, Renée Humphrey), who happens to be my wife, she prepares dishes according to the locally available ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables from the garden,” added the American who has been living on the island for more than 35 years.

In fact, the hotel has a habit of collecting food scraps in a bin to transform them into compost for enriching their soils.

Likewise, guests are provided with the chance to unwind in a yoga lounge or indulge in some outdoor reading. They can also enjoy the terrace in the common area, which offers ocean views, or partake in physical activities along various hiking routes near the hotel.

For more information, call (787) 809-3333, visit their website at www.rainforestinn.comor visit their Facebook and YouTube pages at Rainforest Inn.

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