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Dos Aguas focuses on relaxation tourism

Bordered by Río Grande and the Río Espíritu Santo, this inn offers its guests a total immersion into the distinctive landscape of the El Yunque area

April 20, 2024 - 11:00 PM

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Río Grande.- Entrenched in a secluded corner of the Río Espíritu Santo natural reserve in Río Grande, you’ll find Dos Aguas, a bed & breakfast concept that invites guests to indulge in a tranquil yet adventurous escape.

Río Grande and Río Espiritu Santo meet in front of the building, which was constructed 25 years ago. This inspired the name of the hotel, which has been operating since December 2016 and is part of a family legacy.

“This space was born from the vision of Mr. Enrique and Genoveva González, who acquired the property in the 1950s... It was their residence, a little wooden house with a zinc roof. About 25 years ago, this house was restored and became what you see now… It’s a family legacy, honoring the family vision here,” expressed Tashia Howard, manager of Dos Aguas.

The inn offers five rooms named: Bambú Suite, Coquí, Bromelia, San Pedrito, and Cascada, all equipped with air conditioning and a view of the majestic nature surrounding the area.

Its surroundings exude a serenity. There are colorful and cozy hammocks, a swing, and multiple dining areas where guests enjoy one of the best parts of their stay: breakfast.

“It’s not just being here; as soon as you arrive, you feel a different energy... For us, it really is a sanctuary, a space of beauty, elegance, grace, and subtlety,” said Howard.

But the experience at Dos Aguas is not necessarily limited to fostering a relaxing atmosphere and disconnecting from routine; it also stands out for offering unique adventures, where the Río Espíritu Santo Nature Reserve takes on a special role. “We want to promote this space as a wellness retreat, so all the activities we work on revolve around that philosophy of well-being, including yoga classes and meditation sessions,” the manager stated.

“We are 20 minutes away from the San Juan area. We also have other places quite close to our adventure space, great dining spots, as well as secret and wonderful beaches... We are right next to El Yunque, which is also a very important and sacred space for us,” detailed the manager, highlighting that the vision of the founder’s daughter and granddaughter, Ivonne González and Carla Arraiza, respectively, is focused on supporting local producers.

“As part of our concept, we want to promote local medium and small businesses. All the soaps are from local artisans, the beers, the breads we offer are also from local spaces, our own chef works on the breads too. We usually go to our local market to buy our fruits, coconut water, and juices so guests can have the complete experience,” Howard expressed.

Dos Aguas, where room rates range from $185 to $350 per night, is also a pet-friendly space.

“We welcome children and pets in the space; pets have an additional cost and must be well-behaved, they must do their business outside. We want it to be an experience for the whole family. We also encourage full house rental, where you can rent the entire house for a weekend with family and friends. That’s super cool,” concluded the manager.

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