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London. 1880. Dr. Mortimer Granville (Dancy) is torn between the “proper” doctor’s staid and static world of success and acceptance and a more progressive and fulfilling, but frowned upon, experience. Tossed out for his forward-thinking ideas by the medical establishment, Granville finds a position with Dr. Robert Dalrymple, a highly respected and successful doctor, with a very popular private practice specializing in treating women diagnosed with Hysteria. Indeed, the good doctor’s waiting room is never quiet. In his new position, Dalrymple finds Granville a proper suitor for his beloved daughter Emily, the epitome of “English virtue and womanliness,” with her lovely face, demure manner and artistic and intellectual accomplishments, but it is the elder daughter Charlotte (Gyllenhaal), a firebrand social reformer, arguing passionately for women’s rights to be educated, vote, and live independent lives that secretly excites him. Although Granville is somewhat shocked by Charlotte’s lack of propriety, he feels kinship with her conviction to help those in need. They snipe at each other’s views, but he earns her grudging respect when he treats a poor settlement house woman with a broken ankle. HYSTERIA Pal cine 2012
Jonathan Pryce ha interpretado papeles memorables en series como “Game of Thrones” y películas como “The Two Popes”. (Archivo)

Jonathan Pryce interpretará al príncipe Philip de Edimburgo en la quinta y sexta temporadas de “The Crown”, con las que se despedirá esta famosa y prestigiosa serie de Netflix sobre la casa real británica, informó el portal Deadline.

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