The people of Puerto Rico have eloquently expressed themselves. Their claim in every corner of this island deserves an answer. In this time of anguish and uncertainty, the burden of responsibility falls on Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

Never before in the history of our island has there been a demonstration of such an enormous significance, both here and abroad. People have raised their voices to ask the highest authority to give way to imperative solutions for the emotional, social and economic development of the men and women who live this blessed land.

The Puerto Rican people have demanded it: Governor, resign. That is the correct step that Ricardo Rosselló has to take with humility, as an expression of love for the people who gave him the vote of confidence that today is irremediably broken.

We should not expect anything else from the governor. We are sure he is noble enough to recognize that his tenure has come to an end. His decision to resign as president of the New Progressive Party and to re-election is not enough to address the indignation of the Puerto Rican society.

This is a painful time, both for Puerto Rico and for the governor and his family. The deep indignation, a result of the frustration accumulated over days, months and years, has moved our people to break the bonds of trust with their governor.

This claim, which is already a milestone in Puerto Rican history, must have the dignified and noble response of his resignation.

Not even a long impeachment process before legislative chambers for the governor, affecting his familiy, the rest of the government and the people, seems to be a solution.

This path would last months and could even increase social unrest.

The Legislature has had to face a challenge that also places it at the heart of the solution to this unfortunate chapter of our history. It has been two weeks since the crisis broke up and the Legislature has only demonstrated a lack of will to start the impeachment process to which it is constitutionally bound. House Speaker Carlos Méndez knows that entrusting the ten-day evaluation to a group of jurists is an unnecessary step in the process. Senate leader Thomas Rivera Schatz has also been distant from the people´s serious demands.

The time for selfish political calculations and the ominous silence over the true answers that our critical situation demands is over.

Remaining in political instability hinders economic and social transformation. Relations between Puerto Rico and Washington are at a precarious level in the face of the recovery effort. The island needs to regain its ties and its credibility.

Richard Nixon clearly expressed it when he left the presidency. "America needs a full-time President and a full-time Congress, particularly at this time with problems we face at home and abroad." That exercise of putting the country first is what Puerto Rico needs in this critical moment.

Puerto Rico has spoken up, not only as a strong, broad and united voice but as the right voice. El Nuevo Día embraces the clamor of our people. The moment requires definitions. With a gesture of nobility and humility, Governor, it is time to listen to the people. You have to resign.

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