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(GFR Media)
(GFR Media)

The US Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service (USDA–RUS) issued yesterday the Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS) for the incinerator that Energy Answers plans to build in Arecibo. They will be open to receive comments from the community for a period of 30 days.

The agency informed that, after that period—during which the interested parties may evaluate and comment on the document—they will announce their final decision on whether they will approve the Final EIS, which includes details on the proposed construction, operation, and maintenance of the plant, which would be located in the Cambalache barrio.

The Final EIS—a requirement for requesting USDA–RUS funding for the project—includes the nearly 3,820 comments the agency received during the evaluation period for the draft EIS.

“We invite agencies, members of the community, and interested organizations to provide comments on the action or non-action alternatives, inform the USDA–RUS on the nature and degree of environmental impact, and identify possible mitigation measures to minimize the project’s potential impact,” said the agency.

The Final EIS is available in the USDA–RUS website, and there will be printed copies in the Nicolás Nabal Barreto Public Library in Arecibo.