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Ksero’s Fusión Caribeña: The combination of the flavor of Puerto Rican and Dominican food

The restaurant located in Vega Baja offers a varied menu

April 24, 2024 - 11:00 PM

Fried Red Snapper with tostones at Ksero’s Fusión Caribeña. (WANDA LIZ VEGA)

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Vega Baja.- The unique seasoning and flavors found in Puerto Rican and Dominican kitchens are essential and complementary elements to the success of Ksero’s Fusión Caribeña in Vega Baja.

Having opened its doors just a year ago on Route 670, this establishment is a dream come true for Pedro Rosado, who aspires to share the culinary essence of his roots.

“This restaurant embodies a criollo concept that blends Puerto Rican and Dominican cuisine because my mom (Juana Díaz) comes from the Dominican Republic and my dad (Israel Rosado) is from here, from Puerto Rico,” he stated.

“What I wanted to create was a place where my dad, who’s the type of person that doesn’t enjoy eating out much, would feel comfortable. That’s why we developed a concept of food prepared like homemade meals; high quality, made with a lot of care and love, and always simple,” explained the owner, who, prior to establishing his business, worked for his father at a Vehicle Inspection Center.

He also noted that the home-cooked touch that helps elevate the flavor of his dishes does not require seasonings and spices, but rather only high-quality ingredients.

From the left, Pedro Rosado, owner, with chef Carlos Rivera.
From the left, Pedro Rosado, owner, with chef Carlos Rivera. (WANDA LIZ VEGA)

“We use quality ingredients to keep things simple; that way, we don’t have to season too much to make it taste good. The simpler the seasoning, the better. That has worked for us,” he admitted.

One of the dishes most requested by customers is the Churrasco Ksero, called “the king of the menu.”

“This is the dish they order for the most. It’s a churrasco (skirt steak) stuffed with amarillos (fried ripe plantains) in cheese sauce and served over arroz mamposteao. Mamposteao is also very popular because we make it with longaniza (sausage),” Rosado stated.

This dish is known as Churrasco Ksero.
This dish is known as Churrasco Ksero. (WANDA LIZ VEGA)

The chuleta can-can is another popular item on Ksero’s menu, which Rosado attributes to “double cooking, resulting in a tender texture.” This cut can be paired with any side dish, but one of the most famous is the mofongo de pana (breadfruit mofongo), which is different from the traditional mofongo made with plantain and offers a different palate experience.

Another popular dish is the Marimar, which consists of “a red snapper fillet and shrimp with a coconut and curry sauce.” And when it comes to fish, they also offer another classic at the establishment: fried red snapper with tostones (fried green plantains).

As for appetizers, Rosado stated that they offer “simple appetizers,” which are nonetheless full of flavor; the same goes for their dessert offerings.

“We have sorullos (corn fritters), which are very popular, and some fish fritters that we bread ourselves, in addition to our chorizo in red wine and carne frita,” mentioned Rosado, recommending the “homemade” chocolate tres leches cake as dessert.

Their beverage menu includes cocktails and drinks that “have the same concept as their cooking: natural and simple.” They also prepare natural lemonades.

“We’ve been welcomed warmly, the people of Vega Baja and the visitors, when they try our quality products, they love it.” We always try to deliver something that is well-made, and when it arrives and people taste it, they realize it was worth it. They feel right at home,” concluded the owner of the establishment.

For more information, visit the Facebook page at: Restaurante Ksero’s Fusión Caribeña or call 787-822-5150.

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