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prima:“More complicated than making a cross”: the challenges of the “write-in” votes at the crossroads of Victoria Ciudadana in the face of elections

Political analysts and a former direct nomination candidate agree that the best alternative, so as not to dilute the strength of the vote, is for the party to choose one candidate per legislative chamber

June 22, 2024 - 3:20 PM

In May 2021, in the election of lobbyists for statehood, former Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares won one of the seats by direct nomination. (

The lack of a photograph on the ballot, misspelling the names, not marking the box with an “X” or placing more than one candidate in a seat for which only one person can be voted for are some of the main challenges of the direct nomination or “write-in”, which has not represented even 1% in the last six elections for at-large Legislature candidates.

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