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prima:Private emails, wire transfers to shell companies and secret business deals: how Fahad Ghaffar laundered and stole money, John Paulson alleges

El Nuevo Día examined the amended lawsuit that the billionaire filed against his former right-hand man in Puerto Rico and this is what we found.

February 21, 2024 - 1:10 PM

Paulson es dueño en la Isla de los hoteles St. Regis Bahía Beach Resort, Vanderbilt y La Concha. (Archivo / GFR Media)
A little over a week ago, the U.S. billionaire filed an amended complaint alleging that his former right-hand man articulated a money laundering scheme.

For almost six months, John Paulson and Fahad Ghaffar have been involved in multiple lawsuits, charging each other, among other things, with deceit, breach of contracts, and fraud, but now, the billionaire’s claims against his former partner go beyond using the Paulson Group money to finance a luxurious lifestyle for his family and friends.

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