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Renewed Villas at Rincón Beach Resort 

Mindful of advances and trends in the industry, the resort begins a new phase with interior designer Natalia Somoza, CODDI 

April 20, 2024 - 11:00 PM

Reconstruction work included single and double villas. (Paola Quevedo)

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Rincón.- For just over 20 years, perfectly located between Añasco and the “City of Beautiful Sunsets”, Rincón Beach Resort has been the setting that many families have chosen to create pleasant memories. Today, aware of advances and trends in the industry, the resort begins a new phase under the direction of interior designer Natalia Somoza, CODDI.

The relationship between the interior designer and the client, like the structure, is solid, and more than proven. This meant that the results of the first phase of the villas’ renovation exceeded the expectations of both parties.

“The project is serene, modern and clean, yet warm, where the context of the property is reflected in the interior space. This was the goal when designing the remodeling of the villas at Rincón Beach Resort, located in front of the beach and surrounded by mountains in the back,” said Somoza in an interview with Diseño & Construcción.

According to the expert in design and decoration, through her proposal, she sought to represent the warm white sand, the unique sunsets of the town, and the crystal clear water of the Caribbean. Months after completing the phase, consisting of 12 units in total, the owner of the firm NS Interior Design Studio affirms that she achieved her goals.

Somoza, likewise, recognized that credit is not individual. “A whole group of professionals had a hand in the work, most of them Puerto Ricans,” she said.

Works of art, furniture, and textiles merged to add richness and dynamism to the single and double villas. Among the textures, she said, embossment and rattan stand out.

As for the style, the interior designer explained that “I would define it as modern coastal design, where straight lines—in contrast to some organic ones—are combined with a neutral scheme of warm (earth) and cold tones, such as blue, to create a space in harmony that reflects peace and tranquility”.

On the biggest challenge during the remodeling work, the businesswoman highlighted the COVID-19 pandemic. As it was for many of her colleagues, the search for materials, furniture, and labor became increasingly difficult.

“It wasn’t until a design show in New York that 60% of the project could be solved: living room chairs, side tables, dining chairs, bedspreads, sheets, ice buckets/trays, tech accessories, and others, were some of the pieces that we managed to obtain,” she added.

In addition, Somoza highlighted art as one of the main attractions of the ambitious project. On this regard, they sought pieces that related to the project and had meaning. For this purpose, photographer Álex Díaz and ceramist Yelyn Vivoni were contacted.

“An art curation was carried out, where pictures of places in Puerto Rico, where Culebra, Isabela, and Aguadilla (existing photos) represent an association of the space with the project’s location. Both artists sat down to develop possible schemes based on the original idea,” she concluded.

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