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Somos Patillas: A Town of Beautiful Contrasts, Ideal for Taking Selfies

Known as “The Emerald of the Southeast”, it is a tourist destination with countless places to enjoy and take the best pictures

April 19, 2024 - 11:00 PM

Tres Chorros pool, in Patillas, is composed of three natural pools fed by three small waterfalls. (XAVIER GARCIA)

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Patillas.- Known as “The Emerald of the Southeast”, the town of Patillas was founded in 1811 with the purpose of establishing sugar mills for the plantation of sugarcane. Today it is a land of contrasts and natural beauty that you can visit on your next domestic tourism trip around the island.

With rivers, pools, waterfalls and lakes, beautiful beaches, forests and mountains, as well as exquisite food, it is a tourist destination with all the necessary attributes to spend an unforgettable vacation, as well as countless places to take selfies for posterity.

Among its many places of interest, you can opt for a refreshing dip in Los Tres Chorros pool, located on PR 184 Highway, with small pools for children and deeper ones for adults. Not far from there and on the way to the Carite Forest, you can also visit Charco Azul, another space that is very popular among visitors and locals alike.

Also, don’t forget to visit the enormous ceiba tree located at the edge of highway 7759, in the Los Barros sector of barrio Marín. According to local residents, the tree is estimated to be five centuries old and is believed to be the second oldest in Puerto Rico, with the oldest being the ceiba in barrio Mosquito, in Vieques.

According to the history of Patillas, its name originated due to the abundance of watermelons, or “patillas,” in its lands. Among its attractions are its beaches, its forests, and Patillas Lake, where many also enjoy sport fishing.

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