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The Junte Boricua is on its way

The GFR Media project seeks to attract thousands of Puerto Ricans to the Island this summer

May 8, 2024 - 11:00 PM

The Junte Boricua flag flies between the flags of Puerto Rico and the United States on the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. (JOSIAN BRUNO)

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With the promise of a summer full of cultural and touristic experiences on the Island, Junte Boricua has become an invitation for Puerto Ricans living outside the country that are looking to reconnect with their roots.

Junte Boricua is a project that will integrate more than 100 activities in Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities, with the goal of attracting over 50,000 additional Puerto Ricans to the archipelago during the months of May to August.

The initiative, promoted by GFR Media, not only seeks to win over Puerto Ricans settled outside of their homeland, but it’s also an opportunity for them to experience the riches of Puerto Rico. In addition, it aims to promote the economic development of small and medium businesses.

Among the events are the First Puerto Rican Day Parade held in the country, the Campechada, and a closing activity in Old San Juan. There will also be celebrations held at public squares and sporting events, which will serve as a bridge for the diaspora to enjoy the wonders of their homeland.

“We’re talking about a four-month-long event that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of Puerto Ricans. The schedule is worked on as a team considering the wishes of Puerto Ricans living abroad and, once in the Island, the expectation is that they will travel to the known and not-sowell-known corners of the country. In general, that’s what Junte Boricua is looking for,” explained Joana Santiago-Vázquez, executive director of Junte Boricua.

“For this, we have enabled a digital space where we highlight the tourist sites in the Island, as well as the emblematic gastronomic offer in each municipality and the success stories of many entrepreneurs,” added Santiago-Vázquez. The information can be accessed through the following link: www.junteboricua.com.

'SOMOS: Camino al Junte Boricua', el documental que captura la esencia de ser y sentirse puertorriqueño

'SOMOS: Camino al Junte Boricua', el documental que captura la esencia de ser y sentirse puertorriqueño

Disfruta el proyecto especial de GFR Media que recoge, a su vez, el trabajo periodístico de más de tres años alrededor de los 78 municipios del archipiélago borinqueño.

Boricuas connecting boricuas

To get the show on the road, GFR Media management contacted 11 prominent figures of the Puerto Rican community in the United States, who became Junte Boricua’s so-called “main ambassadors.”

They are professionals who live abroad and who joined forces to encourage Puerto Ricans to travel from the diaspora to the island, primarily between May and August of this year. Each leader has recruited 50 ambassadors who are also Puerto Ricans focused on inviting their own for a different experience.

“Being a Junte Boricua ambassador is an opportunity for our friends in the diaspora—an extended homeland—to invite all their friends and family to come to Puerto Rico in 2024 and enjoy art, music, gastronomy, and everything our Island has to offer,” said Rafael Lama, editor in chief of GFR Media.

Each representative has been in charge of creating an event to bring their people over. “The question has been, what would you like your friends to know about this great Island? That’s the opportunity you have and only you choose how the Junte Boricua brings you together with your loved ones,” said GFR Media’s Chief Executive Officer Pedro Zorrilla.

In this way, the Junte Boricua promises to be a project for people to bond and reconnect with their country. It is a movement that appeals to nostalgia, motivates encounters with friends and family, and encourages the conquest of every corner within the Island’s 100x35.

Events in the month of May

May 5: Festival del Fricasé / Corozal public plaza

May 5: Día Nacional del Mundillo Puertorriqueño / Coliseo Dr. Juan Sánchez Acevedo, in Moca.

May 5: World’s Best 10k / Teodoro Moscoso Bridge

May 7: Caminos Brujos Endurance (MTB Cup) / Guayama

May 10: Homenaje a Mamá / Moca public plaza

May 11: Bohemia de Padres y Madres / Hormigueros Urban Market

May 16: Fiestas de la Calle Isabel / Ponce

May 17: Puerto Rico Jazz Fest 2024 / Anfiteatro Tito Puente

May 18: First Puerto Rican Day Parade in Puerto Rico

May 4, 11 and 18: Sábados pa’ la Plaza / Plaza Santiago R. Palmer, Caguas

For more information, visit: events.junteboricua.com

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