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prima:Opinion | The priorities of the next governor

Economist Gustavo Vélez points out that whoever occupies the governor’s chair in January 2025 will have to outline an agenda of strategic actions to ensure that external challenges do not weaken Puerto Rico’s economic and physical recovery

May 22, 2024 - 12:35 PM

Entrada a La Fortaleza
Economist Gustavo Vélez assures “that the next government has to identify the main factors that affect our competitiveness, from the tax climate and energy costs, to the availability of human resources and permits. (Archivo)

In less than two weeks, the primaries will be over and there will be more clarity regarding the cadre of candidates for the November 2024 general elections. A new political and governmental cycle is about to end, but many unfinished business remains unfinished, while the global and federal capital outlook for Puerto Rico becomes more complicated.

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