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Friend’s Burger and Beer Express Brings Flavor and Fun to Comerío

This casual restaurant is located in the Media Luna Hotel, and aside from its delicious menu, it also features live music

April 3, 2024 - 11:00 PM

House burger from Friend’s Burger and Beer Express. (WANDA LIZ VEGA)

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Comerío.- This town has the right place for anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious stuffed hamburger in a relaxed family atmosphere. Friend’s Burger and Beer Express is a popular choice among comerieños, as well as local tourists who enjoy chinchorreo.

Featuring live music Friday through Sunday, this restaurant, located in Media Luna Hotel, is where people from Comerío go to have fun, as there’s something for everybody.

“Entire families come visit us; the kids play around the establishment, while adults eat and enjoy themselves. There’s games, bounce houses and the like, all under strict security measures,” explained Pedro Colón Cruz, owner of the restaurant.

“On Sundays we play salsa and merengue. On Saturdays we try to accommodate everyone; there’s acoustic, trova, nueva trova, and on Fridays we try to slow it down a little with some karaoke or trova. Although we don’t usually play reggaetón, the DJ tries to keep it balanced and please the crowd, so if the moment’s right, we play the genre,” explained Colón Cruz.

Open regularly Thursday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 am, Friend’s Burger and Beer Express is a great example of persistence in the quality of its service and products.

“We are always doing our part to keep the business active and up to date with customer expectations. In the 6 years we’ve been operating the business, as everyone knows, we were affected by Hurricane María, Fiona, the pandemic, as well as other issues, but we’ve persisted with this culinary concept, which was originally about serving stuffed one-pound burgers with ripe plantains,” commented Colón Cruz.

Pedro J. Colón, owner of Friend’s Burger in Comerío.
Pedro J. Colón, owner of Friend’s Burger in Comerío. (WANDA LIZ VEGA)

When elaborating on the restaurant’s culinary offering, he pointed out that the specialties are fried ripe plantain or jalapeño-filled hamburgers, as well as stuffed with various meats, such as churrasco (skirt steak), chorizo, or chicken breast. Everything is made fresh to order. “We combined the concept of burgers and craft beer because we noticed that Comerío didn’t have that type of business. We were the first, and it’s been very successful,” he said.

“We have a very varied menu, with stuffed mofongo at the customer’s request, carne frita (fried pork), smoked pork, chuleta can can, and flounder. In short, our menu is varied so that customers have options. If not, we’ll always find a way to please. We also have a wide variety of dishes for children,” explained the owner.

For additional information, call 787-420-6100.

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