Janet Díaz

Five years after Hurricane María, Puerto Ricans are still awaiting energy reliability and independence

Five years ago millions of Puerto Ricans watched helplessly as hurricane María brutally ravaged our Island. Nuestro hogar, nuestra gente. Communities were ripped apart, family homes, businesses and livelihoods were leveled as people were fighting to survive one of the worst natural disasters we’ve ever experienced. Everything was destroyed. Today, Puerto Ricans represent the largest Latino group in Pennsylvania and many of us in the Keystone state still carry the scars of María’s aftermath, a catastrophe that forever changed the lives of thousands of families, leaving behind more than 4,000 fatalities and forcing over 120,000 people to flee. Whether you experienced it in person or you were stateside, watching as power and communication grids in the Island went down and praying that your loved ones were safe, if you are Boricua you know one thing is true: five years might have gone by but our Island is still suffering and struggling to recover.

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